Zhao LU

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Zhao LU


Station 14

CH-1015 Lausanne


Phone +41 21 6935257  
Email: zhao.lu@epfl.ch  

From Sep.2008, I'm a visiting researcher at EPFL. I work and study in Laboratoire de Systèmes d'Information Répartis (LSIR) under the supervision of Prof. Karl Aberer.

In April 1995, I joined the faculty in the Department of Computer Science and Technology and the Institute of Computer Applications at East China Normal University.

Research Interests

Web-based information management and personalization: Location -Based Service‚ Web document analysis‚ Agent-based information retrieval‚ Chinese Text Information Extraction.
Information security: Digital Watermarking (especially‚ Natural Language Watermarking)‚ DRM (Digital rights management).

Software engineering: Object-process methodology (for information systems analysis‚ design‚ and implementation)‚ Object-oriented applications framework‚ Software process management‚ Agile software development.




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