Distributed Information Systems

Winter Semester 2002-2003, SSC, mandatory, orientation IS, Sem 9 SI optional
Lecture Team
Prof. Karl ABERER (Lectures) karl.aberer @ epfl.ch +41-21-693 4679 PSE A 1.32
  Philippe Cudré-Mauroux (Exercises) philippe.cudre-mauroux @ epfl.ch +41-21-693-6787 PSE A 1.51
Anwitaman Datta (Exercises) anwitaman.datta @ epfl.ch +41-21-693 6615 PSE A 1.62
Pre-exam office hours
10.02 2-4 Philippe (PSE-A 1.51)
13.02 2-4 Philippe (PSE-A 1.51)
16.02 2-4 Anwitaman (PSE-A 1.62)
18.02 10-12 Anwitaman (PSE-A 1.62)
Sample exam
Sample exam [Please note that we will NOT provide any solution for this sample exam.]
Time and Place

Lecture: Tuesday 8-10 Room INM200
Exercise: Tuesday 10-11 Room INM 200
Office hours:
Wednesday 14:00-15:00 (Philippe, Room PSE A1.51)
Friday 14:00-15:00 (Anwitaman, Room PSE A1.62)

This course introduces in detail several key technologies underlying today's distributed information systems. After introducing nonstandard data models nowadays in use on the Web for information representation, we learn about various aspects of processing this information at increasing levels of abstraction, starting from the physical aspects of managing distributed data up to the extraction of new information from existing data by means of data mining. The specific focus will be on managing Web and mobile data.
We assume students to be familiar with the course relational databases.
Final Exam
There will be a written exam. The exam will consist of conceptual question similar to those posed throughout the lecture and of examples similar to those from the exercises.
There will be weekly exercises with practical instances of the methods introduced in the courses. The exercises will be graded and will contribute up to 20% (2% per exercise) to the final grade (bonuses only, i.e. not taken into account if the exam grade is higher than the exercise grade).
Lecture Schedule
Date Slides Homework Q&A's
21.10.03 Introduction to DIS (pdf) (pdf)/ XML Intro (pdf)
Semi-structured Data
28.10.03 XML Storage and Filtering (pdf) (Exercise) (Solution)
04.11.03 Graph databases (pdf) (Exercise) (Solution)
11.11.03 RDF and Semantic Web/OIL (pdf) (Exercise) (Solution)
Distributed Data Management
18.11.03 Schema Fragmentation (pdf) (pdf - 2nd part) (Exercise) (Solution)
25.12.03 Mobile Data Management (pdf) (Exercise) (Solution)
02.12.03 P2P Systems I (pdf) (Exercise) (Solution)
09.12.03 P2P Systmes II (pdf) (Exercise, Network) (Solution)
Information Retrieval and Data Mining
06.01.04 Special Session (Semantic gossiping) (Exercise)
13.01.03 Vector space retrieval (pdf) (Exercise)(Mathematica file) (Solution)
20.01.04 Advanced Retrieval (Exercise) (Solution)
27.01.04 Association Rule Mining (pdf) (pdf) (Exercise) (Solution)
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