CIS 2005, Exercise 4: EJB

Responsible: Gleb Skobeltsyn
May 4, 2005

In this exercise, you will need to complete the development of a small Entity EJB with container-managed persistence. The goal of the program is to implement an EJB for manipulating the problems list. To keep the exercise simple, we will work with one table only. That is the table
Problems and the exact data definition of this table is: (id VARCHAR(4) CONSTRAINT pk_problems PRIMARY KEY,  employee VARCHAR(4),  administrator VARCHAR(4),  description LONG VARCHAR,  priority VARCHAR(20)).  The semantics of the fields should be clear from their names.

You are given a zip file containing the incomplete EJB and a client application. Please unpack the archive under your root directory using the command
unzip The development of the files in it is not finished yet, thus they can not be compiled correctly. Your task is, in short, to fill in the missing parts, compile the bean and the client, and finally deploy and test them. Each of these three tasks needs some more explanation:

javac -classpath /opt/j2ee01/lib/j2ee.jar:. problems/*.java
javac -classpath /opt/j2ee01/lib/j2ee.jar:. client/*.java

Good luck!