Conception of Information Systems 2005

Exercise 1: XML

The goal of this exercise is to understand basic XML concepts.

The following simple XML file is given: bank.xml

Write a DTD and an XML Schema for bank.xml satisfying the following requirements:

  • There are two account types: checking and savings accounts
  • The account id is unique in 'accounts'
  • The customer id is unique in 'customers'
  • 'c_id' refers to customers and 'ac_id' refers to accounts
  • The account balance must be greater than -5000
  • Use inheritance for checking and savings accounts by deriving from a common account type




  • Not all requirements can be satisfied in the DTD. Try to satisfy as many as possible.
  • Use as specific content models for the elements as possible (you should not use 'any')
  • Include the DTD in the XML document.
  • Use the following validator:

XML Schema

Further information...

  • Homework assignments are not graded. However, solutions will be presented in the exercise session on 06.04.2004.
  • Questions are answered by Fabius Klemm in BC 160. Office hours: Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00, Thursday 14:00 - 15:00