PlanetLab Everywhere - "PlanetLab - future directions"

Call for participation in the 2nd European PlanetLab meeting hosted jointly
by the MICS NCCR and the Evergrow EU project.
 October 27-28, 2005, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

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The opportunity PlanetLab provides for real-world experimentation at an unprecedented scale has sparked an explosion of research activity, with hundreds of active projects transmitting an average of 1 terabyte of data a day on the current system. At present, PlanetLab consists of 580 machines hosted at 275 sites in 30 countries. Most sites only host two or three machines. A single operations center hosted at PlanetLab Central (Princeton) is responsible for the management of all these machines. While PlanetLab has been a huge success by many measures, it continues to be limited in scale in terms of its size and the number of users it reaches.

This workshop will explore several new directions to expand PlanetLab's user base to literally every researcher or student who wants to conduct a wide-area experiment and expand its hardware base to every machine on the planet. The following will be topics at this workshop:

The goal of this meeting is to bring together users, developers, and researches interested in these topics and develop plans to independently or collaboratively move forward with projects to develop working prototypes in each area. Further it is intended to let participants discuss technical problems and exchange their experiences to improve the quality of cooperation in the PlanetLab community.

The meeting is supported by:

    PlanetLab project - Princeton University

   Evergrow EU project

            MICS - Mobile Information and Communication Systems (Swiss National Center of Cometence in Research)


We suggest a mix of talks, panel discussions, case study presentations, experience reports, demonstrators, and "bird-of-a-feather" sessions. Participants are invited to submit proposals until Oct 13, 2005.


This agenda is prelimary and subject to change! You can still submit proposals until Oct 13, 2005.

Day 1

When What Where
10:00 Opening: welcome + schedule overview for the "work" part of the workshop (Manfred Hauswirth) INJ 218
10:15 Overview of where we are now and where PL is going (Larry Peterson) INJ 218
11:00 Clusters meet PlanetLab @ HUJI (Danny Bickson) INJ 218
11:20 Private PlanetLab @ EPFL (Martin Rajman) INJ 218
11:40 PlanetLab, Xen, and clusters (Marc E. Fiuczynski) INJ 218
12:00 Tycoon cluster/federation (Kevin Lai) INJ 218
12:20 Lunch (for folks to introduce themselves and briefly discuss what their overall interests are in PL, and in what way they'd like to participate, collaborate, etc.) BC cafeteria
13:40 Federating PlanetLab (Aaron Klingaman) INJ 218
14:00 Discussion on federation INJ 218
14:20 Large scale challenges for PL (Rick McGeer) INJ 218
14:40 EU OneLab collaboration (Thierry Parmentelat) INJ 218
15:00 DIMES measurements (Yuval Shavitt) INJ 218
15:20 ETOMIC measurements (Gábor Vattay) INJ 218
15:40 Coffee break INJ 218
16:00 Formation of working groups INJ 218
18:00 End of day 1
19:00 Dinner + informal gathering @ some casual location

Day 2

When What Where
9:00 Parallel working group sessions
Challenges (or reasons for) Private/Enterprise PlanetLab
BC 410
9:00 Parallel working group sessions
Challenges in Federating PlanetLab
INJ 218
9:00 Parallel working group sessions
Challenges in marrying Clusters/Grid with PlanetLab
BC 129
10:30 Coffee break INJ 218
10:45 Parallel working group sessions (continued)
12:20 Lunch BC cafeteria
14:00 Working group presentations INJ 218
15:00 Wrap up the workshop + define next steps and research agenda INJ 218
16:00 End of day 2 INJ 218

Organization Committe

Local organization:

Organizing committee:


You can register to PlanetLab Everywhere by sending an email to the local organization committee. Preliminary list of participants (ordered by country):
Kevin Glynn (UCL, Belgium)
Pierre Reinbold (UCL, Belgium)
Maoke CHEN (CERNET Center, China)
Thierry Parmentelat (INRIA, France)
Thomas Neumann (Max-Planck Institute, Germany)
Sebastian Michel (Max-Planck Institute, Germany)
Antonatos Spiros (FORTH, Greece)
Gábor Vattay (Eötvös University, Hungary)
Danny Bickson (HUJI, Israel)
Assaf Ben David (HUJI, Israel)
Tom Alsberg (HUJI, Israel)
Elliot Jaffe (HUJI, Israel)
Danny Shaked (TAU, Isreal)
Ariel Biener (TAU, Isreal)
Yuval Shavitt (TAU, Isreal)
Akihiro NAKAO (The university of Tokyo, Japan)
Yoichi Shinoda (JAIST, Japan)
Erik Aurell (KTH, Sweden)
Miika Tuisku (CERN, Switzerland)
Tapio Niemi (CERN, Switzerland)
Mikko Pitkänen (CERN, Switzerland)
Predrag Buncic (CERN, Switzerland)
Karl Aberer (EPFL, Switzerland)
Manfred Hauswirth (EPFL, Switzerland)
Martin Rajman (EPFL, Switzerland)
Ivana Podnar (EPFL, Switzerland)
Renault John (EPFL, Switzerland)
Anwitaman Datta (EPFL, Switzerland)
Michela Spada (EPFL, Switzerland)
Francis Lapique (EPFL, Switzerland)
Hung Nguyen (EPFL, Switzerland)
Pascal Felber (Univ. of Neuchatel, Switzerland)
Marc Schiely (Univ. of Neuchatel, Switzerland)
Lorenzo Leonini (Univ. of Neuchatel, Switzerland)
Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez (MS Research, UK)
Marcin Pilarski (Warsaw Univeristy of Technology & Polish Telecom, Poland)
Larry Peterson (Princeton, USA)
Marc E. Fiuczynski (Princeton, USA)
Aaron Klingaman (Princeton, USA)
Andy Bavier (Princeton, USA)
Tom Anderson (UW, USA)
Rick McGeer (HP, USA)
Kevin Lai (HP, USA)
Sheri Brodeur (HP, USA)
Timothy Roscoe (Intel Research - Berkeley, USA)


We have negotiated special discounts for the meeting at the following hotels:
Hotel Continental
Place de la Gare 2
1003 Lausanne
(directly at the main train station)
Tel: +41-21-321 88 00
Fax: +41-21-321 88 01
Rates: single - CHF 130.20, double CHF 204.20 (1 Euro is approx. 1.5 CHF)

Hotel Aulac Place de la Navigation 4
1006 Lausanne
(directly at Lake Geneva)
Tel: +41-21-613 15 00
Fax: +41-21-613 15 15
Price : single - CHF 122.00, double CHF 144.00 (1 Euro is approx. 1.5 CHF)

We pre-reserved 15 rooms in each of the two hotels. You have to book before October 17, 2005 and mention "PlanetLab Everywhere" to get the special rates.

If you want to check for further hotels or want to get information about Lausanne, please visit the Lausanne Tourism web site at


Getting to Lausanne

You can either fly in to Geneva or Zürich. Geneva is closer. From Geneva airport there are 4 direct trains to Lausanne every hour and it takes 40-50 min to get to Lausanne. From Zürich airport there are at least 2 trains every hour and it takes approx. 2h30 to get to Lausanne (some of the connections require you to change trains).

For comprehensive information please check the web site of the Swiss railways at

Getting to EPFL

A metro (subway) station is located just in front of the main train station in Lausanne and next to Hotel Au Lac. Take the metro M2 uphill, direction "Lausanne-Flon", until the end of the line. There, change to M1 (TSOL) with the same ticket. Get off at the stop named "EPFL". EPFL is located on a large campus outside of Lausanne. The trip from the railway station to EPFL will take approx. 30 minutes.

Please be careful when you buy your ticket for the metro: You need the exact amount in Swiss Francs (coins) as the wending machine does not return change (some of the machines accept Euros). The price for the ticket is CHF 2.40,-

From the EPFL metro stop to the meeting

The meeting will be in room INJ 218 at EPFL. See A plan of the EPFL campus is avaialble at A short description of the way to the BC :


Basic infrastructure

A projector to connect your laptop to is available.

Please do not forget to bring a converter for your electricity plug!
Check for comprehensive infos. Switzerland uses this kind of plugs.

Internet access

We will provide unlimited campus wide wireless access to the Internet. You'll need a WLAN card and a web browser. We will provide you with the necessary access credentials at the meeting.

It is NOT possible to provide Internet access via Ethernet (cable).

You MUST bring a WLAN card if you want to have Internet access.

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